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  • Mama Monday | Taylor Bithell
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    Haley + Erin

Mama Monday | Taylor Bithell

Mama Monday | Taylor Bithell

Tell us about yourself
I’m a SAHM of two, expecting our third this Spring! Married almost 6 years to a total hunk so I’ll probably be pregnant forever. #notsadaboutit 

I went to cosmetology school right out of high school so I do hair on the side plus own my own business Riv & Co. making bows for babes!

Q: What does your average day look like from morning to night?

My girls are early risers and eager to start each day with a full on conversation right out the gate! We enjoy a trip to our local library sometimes twice a week - once for toddler time, once for exploring! If it’s nice out, you can find us outside running together, having some park fun or a spontaneous play date. The girls are obsessed with food (they get it honest) so we eat around 8 times a day, nbd. 

Q: What are your three Mom essentials?

Dry shampoo, Burts Bees chapstick and my dstil water bottle!

Q: What were your thoughts when you found out you were having a boy? What was your husbands response?

We both cried. More like wept uncontrollably but you get the idea! I was in such joyous shock, he was completely overwhelmed, the girls kept saying, “we having a brudder!”

Q: How is your pregnancy the third time around? How did it differ from the first and second? 

BELLY. SO. LOW. Either boys sit lower or my muffin too and gravity have it out for me! I definitely never hit that second trimester energy high this time around but taking care of two other kiddos makes you feel like fatigue is another word for “awake”. 

Q: What is something you wish you knew before you gave birth to your first baby?

“Fed is best.” I had such a hard time with breast feeding my first (partly due to first time mom knowledge, partly due to misguided lactation specialists) I placed so much importance on “making it work” that I blamed myself for things way out of my control. 

Q: Any weird cravings or intolerances while pregnant? 

ALL THE SPICY THINGS! To the point where I craved it even knowing my chest would burst into flames shortly after. 

Q: How do you treat yourself to “me time”? 

There's a good little group of us mom friends that try and get together/go out once a month and I look forward to it more that anything! Sometimes it's in our coziest sweats in a friends backyard once all our kids are in bed, sometimes it's karaoke and cocktails cause we love a good time and sometimes it's pedicures and sushi to celebrate a birthday! Whatever the occasion, I crave their companionship. We build each other up, usually cry, encourage one another, laugh till we pee and then leave way more refreshed than we came. They are my "me" time

Q: What are the attributes you find to be the most important and that you'd like to impart on your kids?

Kindness. Joy. Contentedness. Confidence. My mom has always been an excellent example of all of those things and I hope to be half the mother and example she is to my children!

Q: What do you find to be the most difficult about being a mom? 

Learning to let go of what doesn't matter. My personally (and OCD) can squeeze the life out of the littlest thing and ruins my day completely. I love order and organization, so if something is out of place or out of schedule, I tend to lose my mind! Recently I've noticed my oldest had these same tendencies and I'm learning from her, to just let go of what's not important. That laundry can wait a day or two, the pillows can fall off the couch and onto the floor, the toys don't have to be put away as soon as we're done playing and the table doesn't always have to be crumb free. 

Q: What do you love about being a mom?Everything. Every. Single. Thing. I love pregnancy, birth, the newborn stage, the sitting up and cooing stage, the first steps, the late nights, the dirty hands, the curious minds, the wonder in discovery, the ups and the downs. I truly truly love everything about my life and find great purpose in raising my children!

Q: Most surprising thing about motherhood?

Breast feeding isn’t easy for everyone and it’s a lot of selfless work.

Q: Biggest mom fail? Win? 

My oldest recently pooped outside. With kids gathered around. In the middle of a public park where I had to scoop her up, pants around ankles, jog to the restroom she already knew was there and caught some poop on my forearm. Oddly enough, this is also my win because I was able to laugh about it almost instantly. 

Q: Whats your favorite weekend family activity?

Empty schedules that allow us to be together! We live in an older neighborhood with giant lots so our yard is our paradise - fresh air is our jam!

Q: How did you choose your childrens names?

I actually like River for a boys name and my husband loved it for a girl, so when we found out we were expecting a girl, we just knew! Choosing her middle name was simple - a childhood song came to mind. “I’ve got peace like a River, Joy like a fountain....”. Hence, River Joy!  Darcey Elenora was named after my grandmother and Maverick Price is named after my husband! 

Q: Did you ever feel "second child" guilt?

Not a bit! My husband is a second child and so was I till I was 7! Pretty sure it’s a myth. 

Q: Go-to meal for your kids?

Chicken and veggie stir-fry over pasta! My girls can’t get enough and neither can I. My mom made it once a week as a kid and I’ve been making it myself since she would let me use a knife. Quick and easy! Sauté broccoli, carrots, zucchini, squash and chicken in a little butter, salt and fresh garlic! Serve on a spoon full of any kind of pasta! My girls and I love the black bean pasta from Trader Joe’s - they especially love that it’s purple. 

Q: Whats your bedtime routine with your kids?

Dinner and wind down hour are the most stressful but the most anticipated at our house. We read a book before bed every single night right after we “shake it off” and dance around the living room for about 10 minutes!  I’ve realized my girls are just as ready for bed as I am after releasing a few last minute wiggles. These days are long but the years are short - trying our best to soak up every ounce of every day!

You can follow Taylor on Instagram @mamabithell

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    Haley + Erin

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