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  • Mama Monday | Lindsey Pedey
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    Haley + Erin
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Mama Monday | Lindsey Pedey

Mama Monday | Lindsey Pedey

Lindsey Pedey is a stay-at-home mama to Jack (20 months) and her brand new twins, Ben + Kate (1 month) in Spokane, Washington. 

Q: What does your average day look like from morning to night? So busy. I feel like I never really go to bed, so we’ll just say the day starts when jack gets up around 7:30
We have breakfast & I usually pump. Then we play for a little while until one of the twins wakes up. We change diapers & they have breakfast & go back to sleep.
Then Jack and I usually watch part of a movie until he’s ready for his morning nap around 10:30. This is when all 3 are asleep so i usually try to catch up on laundry/chores. By the time I finish I usually have about 10 minutes before a baby wakes up to ‘nap’.
Then we do it all over again. Diaper change, nurse, nap.
Then jack wakes up and he has lunch. If we have any errands to run, this is the time we do it. Come home, Jack goes down for his second nap around 3:30. At this time I think about what to make (or pick up) for dinner.
The hubs gets home from work around 6:30. We eat together as a family, then play for an hour or so, then get everyone ready for 8:00 bedtime.
After everyone is asleep I pick up the disaster, pump and try to get to bed before the next time the babies need to eat since right now it’s about every 3 hours. Mama is tired.

Q: What are your three Mom essentials?
Can I have 4? Coffee because I won’t survive three under two with out it. Leggings because there is no way I’m putting real pants on. Lash extensions, because I feel like I can get away with little/no make up since I 
don't have time for that anyway! And my camera, because I need to document these newborn days because they’ll be gone in a flash. 

Q: How was pregnancy the second time around? How did it differ from the first? 
The biggest difference between my first and second pregnancy is that I was carrying two babes instead of one! Both of my pregnancies were very easy. I had no sickness or complications and I stayed relatively comfortable under the circumstances. Although, with the twins, I did have pretty bad acid reflux the last few weeks. I swear I could breathe fire. 

Q: What were your births like? Did you follow a birth plan? 
I had a very loose birth plan. I was induced with both pregnancies and I trusted my doctor and knew he would take good care of us. The only thing I requested for each birth was delayed cord clamping and skin to skin if possible. And also, of course, avoid a c-section if at all possible!

Jack’s birth was perfect! I went in at 7:00 am to have my water broke and to start on pitocin. My husband and I walked the halls all day as I didn't progress much. My OB came back at 6:00 pm and actually broke my water. From there things progressed quickly! Jack was born at 1:41 am after about 35 minutes of pushing, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz & 20 inches. 

The twins birth was a little more. We could labor in a labor & delivery room, but once I was ready to push we had to deliver in the OR ‘just in case’. My labor was relatively easy, the worst part was my catheter during contractions. As soon as we got to the OR & they removed it. With the next contraction I remember feeling the contraction coming and yelling to my OB 'he's coming out NOW'. Luckily he was there to catch him. Turns out, the ball on the catheter was actually holding him in!! Ben was born at 1:13 pm weighing 5 lbs 12 oz & 18.5 inches. Kate was delivered breech 22 minutes later at 1:35 pm, weighing 5 lbs 15 oz & 19 inches. 

Q: Any weird cravings or intolerances while pregnant? 
With Jack’s pregnancy I wanted all the tacos! With the twins’ pregnancy I didn’t really have any cravings, i just wanted all the food!

Q: Who’s your mom crush? 
Right now I’m totally loving @the_blucrew. She’s the sweetest and also has three babies under 2. I also love @katelaraine. We met on instagram and she's become one of my closest friends. 

Q: How do you treat yourself to “me time”? 
“Me time” for me usually consists of taking or editing photos. I love that it gives me a creative outlet to express myself and that we also come away with beautiful photos of our kiddos. Win win! 

Q: What’s the most unexpected thing about motherhood? 
I knew I would love my kids unconditionally, but it is so much more than that. It is literally indescribable. When we had Jack my world changed, it was like I was finally alive. I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else the way I love him. Then when we got pregnant with the twins I worried. How could I love them the way I love my Jack?! But then they came and my world was rocked once again. My heart growing in ways I didn’t think it could. Motherhood is miraculous. It's what I live for. 

Q: What is your go to meal for your toddler? 
Lately Jack is all about the PB&J. He also really loves broccoli, snap peas, and “nanas” ...also maybe a frozen cheese pizza or two in there. 

Q: How did you choose your kids names? 
We have a Jackson, Benjamin & Kathryn. I always loved the name Jackson and had it picked out years before I met my husband, so his name was easy. The twins on the other hand were SO HARD. Naming two children at once is no joke. I’ve loved the name Kate for as long as I’ve loved Jack, so her name was kind of already picked out. Ben was much harder. Originally I wanted to name him Hudson after watching a tv show where the town it took place in was called Hudson. Buuuut we can’t have a Kate and a Hudson. We love traditional names that come with nicknames too so Karson, Rowan, Lincoln, and Benjamin all made the list but Ben eventually won out! 

Q: Describe each of your kids in 3 words 
Jack : busy, happy, fearless
Ben: laid-back, sleepy, milk-monster
Kate: snuggly, charismatic, tough

Q: Did you face any issues or challenges with either of your pregnancies? 
Nope! Both pregnancies were complication free! Worst symptom was horrendous acid reflux the last few weeks of the twins’ pregnancy. 

Q: Any advice for your children? 
You know that saying, “work hard & be nice to people”... that’s our motto. 

Q: Has your style changed since becoming a mom? 
Heck yes! Mom uniform all the way! Baseball hat to cover the grease, v-neck tee, leggings and Nike’s. I haven’t worn real pants, unless it’s a special occasion, since before Jack was born! 

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you were having   twins? How about your husband? 
It’s so funny! In the car on our way to our first OB appointment I told my husband I really hoped it wasn’t twins. 15 minutes later we were looking at an ultrasound with two black circles with a little white dot in the center of each. TWINS! We were shocked to say the least. The first few days I couldn’t comprehend it or focus on anything. A week later I couldn’t imagine NOT having twins. 

Q: What is the most difficult part about being a mom to twins? Are they on the same schedule?
The twins are for the most part on the same schedule because if one gets up to eat, the other gets up too, 
whether they're awake or not. Otherwise I would not survive. The hardest part about being a twin mom, for me, is juggling the twins’ needs and Jack’s needs 
at the same time. I want to make sure the transition for Jack is as easy as possible. Newborns take a lot of time, twin newborns take A LOT more time. Between the nursing, diaper changes and trying to get them to sleep in their beds & not on me all the time. I want to make sure there is still plenty of time for Jack, too.

You can follow Lindsey on Instagram @lindseypedey 

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