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  • Mama Monday | Jenna Liesch
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    Haley + Erin

Mama Monday | Jenna Liesch

Mama Monday | Jenna Liesch

Jenna Liesch is a wife and mom of 4, living just outside of Vancouver BC, Canada. Both she and her husband are Pastors at a local church and live fill and fun lives with their 4 kids- and their littlest is their champ with special needs.

What does your average day look like from wakeup to bedtime?
Every day is different for us! But typically, I am up at 5:45 am to relieve our home care nurse who we have every night to watch our youngest because he is still on ventilation support each night.
I usually (or should I say IDEALLY) spend time reading and writing while drinking a HOT coffee, then my kids are up! They are fed and dressed and my hubby takes them to school before he heads to work.
My days are usually filled with appointments for my youngest, while wrangling my wild almost-4 year old, laundry, dinner prep, and more coffee :) Thats pretty much my days!

What are your three mom essentials?
COFFEE, A comfy sweater, and eye cream… de-puffing, de-aging, de-everything… eye cream!

How was pregnancy the last time around? How did it differ from your others?
Traumatic to say the least… my first pregnancy ended in an early-term miscarriage, then my next 3 were easy and normal and lovely and wonderful. I then lost a baby boy just shy of 17 weeks, and got pregnant soon after that loss with our youngest. From week 7 onwards, it was deemed high-risk, and I was on bedrest by 19 weeks. He ended up arriving at 25 weeks and 5 days- total miracle :)

What is something you wish you knew before you gave birth to your first baby?
To CHILL out!!! haha! You don’t have to have everything figured out within the first week of being a new mom. CHILL OUT.

Any weird cravings or intolerances while pregnant?
I don’t think it’s too weird, but the most satisfying moment in my pregnancy with my first son, was one night where I was craving pickles- I went to the store, bought pickles, and pickle popcorn seasoning, and pickle chip-dip. I ate the pickles, and the pickle popcorn, while dipping each kernel in the pickle chip-dip. It was UNREAL.

Who's your mom crush?
Joanna Gaines. Hands down.

How do you treat yourself to "me" time?
I find a lot of ways- afternoon coffee, a home magazine at night, painting my nails, a glass of wine in the bath, a walk outside by the beach at anytime of year (with a coffee in hand)!

What are the attributes you find to be the most important and that you'd like to impart on your kids?
I pray that my kids would love people. Period. That they would include others, and be friendly and kind with everyone.

What do you find to be the most difficult about being a mom?
FOMO. Most definitely. I love being part of everything and being at every party and every dinner… and I just can’t. Im ok with it now, but it was a hard lesson to learn!

What do you love about being a mom?
Its my dream come true. Its the biggest privilege and responsibility I will ever hold, and I don’t take that lightly… its such a blessing to get to have kids. You can have the worst day, and one of these mini humans can come over and give you the sweetest hug and say ‘I love you mama’ and everything else just melts away.

Most surprising thing about motherhood?
How hard it is. Not to sound negative, because I truly believe the positives of motherhood FAR outweigh the negatives, but it is THE hardest thing I have ever done. And its LIFE- you don’t really get much of a break from it! I have called my mom in tears at several points and said ‘why didn’t you tell me how hard this will be??!!!’ Her answer was always that you tend to forget the hard stuff because there really is so much good!

Biggest mom fail? Win?
We are just diving into our new world of special needs, and so we have tried to include our kids in all that we are learning. My daughter came home from school a couple of weeks ago (there is a special needs little girl in her class), and she said to me ‘Mom! (let’s call her Isabel)’s brain is just like Judah’s (her brother)… it just works a bit differently!!!’. Felt like a win to me!
I have fails every single day- todays for example, was not believing my son for a kind thing he wanted to do. I assumed the worst and I was wrong… I apologize to my kids almost daily!!!

Whats your favorite weekend family activity?
Saturday morning pancake breakfast, and if we’re not too busy, we get to walk to the park and its the BEST time together!

How did you choose your childrens names?
We are all J’s… and that was un-intentional!
My husband’s name is Koby, but his legal name is Jacob (long story), so we always knew we wanted our first born son to be Jacob!
Our daughter June came next, and we just loved the name, plus we got married in June… and she was born in May so we will confuse people for years to come!
Jedidiah would have broken the ‘J’ trend, had he been a girl, which his dad was quite convinced of, but I knew in my heart he was a boy all along. So when my husband was still in shock that he was a boy, I told him that he could pick his name, and Jedidiah (we call him Jed), was it- it means ‘friend of God’.
Our little boy we lost was Joseph… I always knew he was a boy too, and then when it was confirmed at birth, I knew he had to be named Joseph which means ‘God will add/increase’.
Then when Judah came along, we were pretty sure he was going to be a preemie so we didn’t want him to be small AND left out of the ‘J’ crew! Judah means ‘praise’, and I chose to sing over him a lot while I was on bedrest, so it was just a perfect fit.

Go-to meal for your kids?
Depends on how much time I have haha! My kids LOVE caesar salad, so I will make that with chicken some nights, and other nights when I want to give them a special dinner, we will make homemade pizzas.

Whats your bedtime routine with your kids?
Now that we have 4, it doesn’t always happen this way, but typically they are all in the bath one after the other, brush teeth, then snuggles in their beds while we tell stories or read a few books, then sing 2 songs, then we pray for them each individually, and then lights out!

Follow Jenna over on Instagram @jennaliesch

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