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  • Mama Monday | Daphne Podolak
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    Haley + Erin
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Mama Monday | Daphne Podolak

Mama Monday | Daphne Podolak

Daphne Podolak is a stay-at-home mama of two with baby #3 on the way! She is also a licensed cosmetologist and does hair on the side for fun. While her husband works and goes to school, she has taken a step back from her regular work schedule to have babies and support her husband. During the week she is constantly busy with kids activities and school drop-off but always tries to find time for water aerobics, girls nights, yoga, Netflix, reading blogs or a good book!

Q: What does your average day look like from morning to night?

My average day consists of getting up with the kids around 7:15 am. I get my oldest ready for school and feed us all breakfast before dropping him off around 9:00 am.
My toddler and I usually go run errands or go to a friends house to play at least a couple times a week. I also have weekly speech therapy with Dash so we spend a good amount of time at home. He is still a great napper so if we don't catch lunch at school with big bro we will come home for lunch and Dash takes a nap around 12:30-3:00 pm. Usually during this time I do mom bills, laundry, dishes, go through paper work, write a blog post (The Podie People) or even a catch a nap or some tv (hey I get it anywhere I can being pregnant)
At 3:30 pm we go pick up my older son Krew from school and occasionally will go to a park to play or to grab a fun snack like drinks or ice cream.
My husband is home everyday by 4:30 pm and our kids are little so we spend a lot of the afternoons together. When Krew is in an activity we will work around that but right now we are playing indoors, watching movies, cooking dinner, and sometimes visiting family up the street.
By 7:00 pm we start our bed time routine with baths, snack, and reading time. My goal is to start early enough that we don't rush bed time and lights are out by 8:00 pm
I am guilty of staying up way too late but it's when I find my me time. I love to read (blogs or books) watch my latest tv binge, stretch, do self care, take a bath or just get some stuff done after kids go to bed. I'm religious about my skin care routine and always try to be in bed by 11:30 pm every night.
I am a mama that NEEDS sleep. 
Q: What are your three mom essentials?  
1. A MB (mom bestie-s) I would not make it without my own mom and close mama friends.
2. Good fitting black leggings 
Q: How is pregnancy this time around? How did it differ from the first and second?
Pregnancy is going by much faster and I find myself more exhausted. I will fall asleep on the couch in the middle of the day if I am not actively doing something or set an alarm! This pregnancy I feel much less anxious for the arrival and I'm truly enjoying the journey of being pregnant and embracing it all. More than ever I am more in tune with my body and taking care of it even emotionally. I have felt similar symptoms to my other pregnancies but this time around I know how to navigate it better and I have such an amazing support system and care team. 
Q: What were your previous births like? Did you follow a birth plan?
Oh man so different from each other. I could write a book on it! My first I was 16 years old and had a regular hospital birth with an epidural, very textbook delivery. Emotionally it was the most intense experience of my life. It was a long labor as first babies are but I didn't feel the full extent of pain because of the epidural and felt over joyed when Krew was born. It saved my life and gave me purpose. My 2nd birth (very excited planned pregnancy) was at home with my midwife who I absolutely adore. I had no idea how intense the pain 
would be without any interventions (or how big he would be, 10lbs!) but I recovered within days and felt so amazing. I could never say enough about my entire experience with my midwife through my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Home birth is not a walk in the park but I loved being home surrounded by my birth team, husband and mom and will be doing it again for my 3rd birth. I'm so grateful to have pregnancies where home birth is an option it's really such an amazing experience. I learned that it's better to have a birth preference rather than plan because they rarely go exactly according to plan and there's nothing more devastating than having your heart SET on something to only have it changed in the heat of the moment. Have an open heart and mind but be clear about what matters to you as far as you care for you and baby. 
Q: Any weird cravings or intolerances while pregnant?
I haven't had an appetite for dinner in months. It's so weird! I usually eat something small and skip the dinner I made my family. No real strong cravings 
this time around EXCEPT for this week I absolutely had to make a pasta salad haha. Still sounds good right now. I think it was the apple cider vinegar I was craving. 
Q: Who’s your mom crush?
Can I only name one?! Oh gosh. This is so hard!
Okay a few favorites..
Jessica Garvin       @jlgarvin
Jenna Rammell      @jennaskitchen
Ginger Parrish        @gparrish
Kendra Henderson @henandco
All instagram moms that I don't know personally and of course my close mom friends. I look up to them so much. 
Q: How do you treat yourself to “me time”?
I never used to do this and had so much mom guilt but I have recently realized in the last year that it is a MUST for any mom to be able to feel whole and serve her family even better. I treat myself by having mommy nights with my close friend where we spray tan, do a beauty treatment or have lunch and just talk. When I am not able to get out with a friend I love to do self care in the bathroom. I'll bathe, shave, lotion, do a facial, paint nails, and watch my favorite show. Our family has to spend money very wisely so I don't necessarily make nails or massages a priority but spending a little money for an exercise class here and there while my husband does bed time has made me feel like a new woman. 
Q: What’s the most unexpected thing about motherhood? 
That your children can be 100% different from each other and need to be parented differently as well. Our boys play and get along and are both incredibly cute and funny but they are very different souls. We do so much as a family but really have to take the time to make sure they are being loved in the way that they receive it. One of our kids for example requires a lot of physical touch and reassurance while the other would only ever sleep with me to eat and then would insist on being put back in his crib to put himself to sleep and still has to be sick or tickled for me to squeeze in those hugs and kisses! 
Q: What is your go to meal for your kids?
HA! If i'm honest.. mac n cheese or breakfast food. One of our biggest struggles is getting them to eat the dinner I make. 
Q: How did you choose your kids names?
We just liked them. Krew Hudson was our first choice. He was always Krew. I was young and wanted to be unique with the K. Dash I found from a blogger on instagram and never could shake it from my mind. My husband hated it until the day he was born and then he held him and immediately called him Dash Mccoy. (Mccoy is a football player's last name and he totally picked it)
We are stumped for baby 3 if it's a boy. 
Q: Describe each of your kids in 3 words
Krew: Smart, charismatic, kind
Dash: energetic, playful, independent 
Q: Did you ever experience “second child guilt”? How did you overcome this?
I had no idea how I could ever love someone as much as I loved Krew. I was terrified to resent the baby. His labor was pretty hard and exhausting but beautiful. When he was born I felt a little in shock (physically) and had a hard time immediately bonding with him. My husband sobbed he was so happy. After that first night I was smitten with him. He was an angelic baby and I couldn't imagine a life before him. Krew was such a proud and sweet big brother we felt complete. I think that naturally everyone feels this way about their 2nd 
pregnancy and you never can wrap your mind around it until their born and your heart literally doubles for each of your babies. 
Q: What was your reaction when finding out you were pregnant with your third? What was your husbands reaction? 
Well it wasn't an accident but I quite honestly felt panic haha. I didn't know how a 3rd baby would fit in our home or lives right now but I felt so sure we were supposed to have more. I think it took me a couple months to feel excited and recognize that it didnt matter. Babies are blessings and I've never met a person who regretted having a child!! I feel silly about feeling that way but it's the honesty in me. I can't wait to meet this baby now. I know he or she will fall exactly into place once they are born. 
Q: What do you love about being a mom?
I love having my own family more than anything. I love being responsible for these little people and getting to lift them up everyday and learn from them. I love adoring their cute faces and going on vacations and seeing the magic of being young again through their experiences of the world. I love feeling a love that has no limits or ends. It's just pure love of their entire being no matter what they do. 
Q: What are your top 5 must have pregnancy items?
1. Maternity leggings and Tank top
2. Body Pillow 
3. Quality Vitamins (I take a multi by Nested Naturals) EPA/DHA for baby's brain (fish oils by Nordic Naturals) and D3 because I live in Washington and most of us are SCARY low in this
4. Water bottle or cup you can take with you everywhere 
5. Journal and camera 

You can find Daphne on Instagram @daphnepodolak

  • Post author
    Haley + Erin
  • blogmama mondaymommom blogmom life

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